The Management Team

Aruna management teamStephen From
Chief Executive Officer

15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry 10 years as President, CEO, & Chairman, EyeGate Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: EYEG) Expertise in corporate finance

Aruna management teamSteven Stice, PhD
Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

• Professor & Director, Regenerative Bioscience Center, University of Georgia • Co-Founder, Former CSO and CEO of Advanced Cell Technology and Cytogenesis Inc. • 30 years of research work in stem cells and exosomes

Aruna management teamTracey Worthington-Stice
Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

• 20 years of process development, cell manufacturing, and business development experience • Directed first commercialized hPSC neural cell line at Aruna Bio • Expertise in process management

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