The Problem

One of the biggest hurdles scientists and drug developers face is being able to deliver effective treatments to the brain in sufficient quantities to have a meaningful clinical effect.

Crossing the blood-brain barrier requires significant advancement in order to make progress in the treatment of these devastating diseases.
A brain with a padlock on it

AB126 is the solution

Aruna Bio’s AB126 therapeutic exosome has CNS specificity.

The outer surface of AB126 is equipped with receptors and surface proteins that the brain recognizes, permitting it to cross the blood-brain barrier.
Exosomes crossing the blood-brain barrier

Concentration of AB126 exosomes in the brain

90 Minutes:
Coronal mouse brain sections with labeled AB126
Neural exosome concentration 90mins
6 and 24 Hours:
Greater intensity throughout the brain and concentration in the cerebellum and basal ganglia
Neural exosome concentration 6&12 hours

Life changing possibilities as a therapeutic agent

In many neurodegenerative diseases, inflammatory lymphocytes generate an autoimmune attack on brain white matter, leading to neuro-inflammation, axon destruction, and neuronal death. These effects, in turn, often result in progressive disability over time.

Unlike other treatments, AB126 may be able to target many of the pathophysiologic mechanisms associated with neurodegenerative diseases, through its innate potential to reduce neuro-inflammation, stimulate neuro-regeneration, and promote neuroprotection.
Brain Network

Anti-Inflammatory Effect in Mouse Model of Stroke

Neural exosome concentration 90mins
Neural exosome concentration 6&12 hours

AB126 Rapidly Protects Neurons Post-Ischemic Stroke

A comparison of MRI images at one day
A comparison of MRI images at three months

Scaleable and Dependable

In parallel to these possibilities are some certainties. We have the technology to manufacture our neural-derived exosomes using a scalable process that allows the production of large quantities of neural exosomes with consistency and uniformity.
  • Aruna has strong expertise in purifying and concentrating exosomes
  • Our valuable know-how and trade secrets allow us to excel at the difficult process of isolating, purifying, and concentrating exosomes from media
  • Aruna has an in-house cGMP facility, which is currently scaling-up for production of clinical material
  • We will have the ability to manufacture clinical grade batches, ultimately scale to Phase 3 trials, and potentially produce commercial batches
Aruna lab technicians in our cleanroom
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