Lawrence Wechsler, MD

Lawrence Wechsler, MD

As a former Chair of the department of neurology at the University of Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania Hospital in the University of Pennsylvania Health System. His work in the early adoption of direct intra-arterial injection of urokinase has been pivotal. Dr. Wechsler's academic roots trace back to Harvard College and the University of Pennsylvania, with a fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital-Harvard Medical School. A luminary in Neurology with over three decades of impactful contributions, has significantly advanced the study and treatment of acute ischemic stroke. Board-certified in vascular neurology, neurology, and internal medicine, Dr. Wechsler has been at the forefront of stroke treatment innovation.

Dr. Wechsler's leadership founded the UPMC Stroke Institute, guiding critical trials in neuroprotection, thrombolysis, imaging, and cell therapy. His role in coordinating multicenter trials, especially in cell-based therapies, underscores his expertise in trial design and safety assessments. Dr. Wechsler lead groundbreaking stem cell transplantation trials for stroke recovery.

With an impressive repertoire of over 150 research articles, 54 book chapters, and numerous abstracts, Dr. Wechsler contributions have shaped modern neurology practices. His work not only enriches academic literature but also directly enhances patient care and clinical methodologies worldwide, making his career a beacon for innovation in stroke research and treatment.

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